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FitDeck Blog with Founder Phil Black

52 Habits for a Happy , Fulfilling Life

Posted by Phil Black on August 1st, 2014


  1. Don't sit back and wait for instructions. Be a leader.
  2. Don't watch the news
  3. Reinvent yourself
  4. Talk to people in line at the grocery store. Leave the phone in your pocket.
  5. Leave big tips
  6. Create something (e.g. garden, book, video, scrapbook, Lego structure)
  7. Repeat a person's name back to them when you meet them
  8. Stay out of debt
  9. Call your parents every week
  10. Get up at 5am
  11. Try to sweat every day
  12. Take more risks
  13. Look people in the eye when you talk to them
  14. Quit your job if it makes you miserable
  15. Save more money
  16. Do things with your hands (other than typing and texting)
  17. Pay your credit card every month
  18. Don't slam people on the internet
  19. Plan for the future
  20. Do something artistic (e.g. paint, sculpt, play music, take photos, dance)
  21. Drink more water
  22. Dance like no one is watching you
  23. Care less about what others think of you
  24. Don't talk about your income
  25. Learn one thing from everyone you meet
  26. Have a Family Movie Night once a month
  27. Think about how you make people feel
  28. Eliminate the need for "your coffee"
  29. Do the unexpected and see what happens
  30. Always have a stretch goal
  31. Invest in friendships
  32. Earn every meal you eat
  33. Do things that scare you
  34. Read more
  35. No phone at dinner
  36. Make TV-watching a rare indulgence
  37. Don't ever skimp on fitness, health, or nutrition
  38. Consider giving up alcohol
  39. Get 7 hours of sleep
  40. Sing in your car (and don't stop when you see someone looking at you)
  41. Let your kids fail at something
  42. Listen more than you talk
  43. Have a signature meal that everyone loves
  44. Take a 10-minute walk outside before bed
  45. Sign up for a race of some kind (e.g. 5K Walk, Tough Mudder, Triathlon)
  46. See a movie in the theater once a month
  47. Try new foods
  48. Give a firm handshake
  49. Play the game, "Wouldn't it be great if..."
  50. Give more hugs
  51. Tell friends and family that you love them
  52. Never quit

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