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FitDeck Blog with Founder Phil Black

My "When All Else Fails" Workout

Posted by Phil Black on August 1st, 2014

Are you an "all-or-none" type of person? I am most of the time.

Unfortunately, when the "none" part of that equation wins out too often, I find myself in a deep hole. When it comes to fitness, I try to find a middle ground so that I never fall too far out of shape.

I'm in the fitness business, and even I get worn down, burned out, or uninspired to work out. It doesn't happen very often, but sometimes even my best-laid plans get overcome by events.

When I get super busy these days and my planned workout gets backburnered, I'm tempted to just skip the workout altogether. But after so many years, a daily workout is a tough habit to break. I just don't perform well without some kind of exercise in my day.

My solution: When I don't have the time or energy to get to my scheduled workout - I will simply knock out 100 pushups. That's it. 100 pushups and I'm out.


I call this my "when all else fails" workout. I can do it anywhere and anytime. I can vary the intensity, quantity, or timing of each set of pushups based on my schedule. It could be two sets of 50 or ten sets of 10. It might not be the most balanced workout in the world, but at the end of the day I feel better about having done something.

What's your "when all else fails" workout?

If you don't have one - create one. It doesn't have to be fancy or complicated. This will become the workout that you do no matter how tired, hungry, overworked, overtired, overwhelmed, or overscheduled you are. Promise yourself that you will bang this out - no matter what.

Here are some keys to creating a "when all else fails" workout:

  1. convenient (a gymnastics rings routine is probably not a great choice)
  2. full body (ideally, an exercise that works most of your body)
  3. bodyweight only (no excuses if you don't have equipment)

Once you get a favorite "when all else fails workout" you might be surprised how often you pull it out. I once used mine for 10 days in a row. Hey, 1,000 pushups in 10 days isn't too shabby. The good news is that it kept my head in the game and I was able to get back on track without losing much strength.

If you want a little more variety and structure to your workout, you can't go wrong with FitDeck Bodyweight or FitDeck Bodyweight for iPhone.

Let me know what your "when all else fails" workout is? I love to hear other people's ideas. Sometimes I adopt them for myself.

Stay fit,

Phil Black (FitDeck Founder)

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