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FitDeck Blog with Founder Phil Black

3 Rules to Eat By

Posted by Phil Black on August 13th, 2014

3 Simple Rules to Eat By

Since when has eating become so confusing? I’m scared to eat bread, panicked about gluten, and feel guilty if my meal isn’t poured from a juicer.  I don’t know if I’m coming or going anymore.

Do we really need all these options to figure out what to eat for lunch?

Zone – Raw – Paleolithic – Organic – Negative Calorie – Mediterranean – Medifast – Fasting – Master Cleanse – Macrobiotic – Low Sodium – Low Protein – Low Glycemic – Low Fat – Locavore – Jenny Craig – Inuit – High Protein – Fruitarian – Food Combining – Alkaline – Liquid – Gluten Free – Elimination – Juice – Detox – Junk Food – Grapefruit – Cabbage Soup – Beverly Hills – Atkins – South Beach – Breatharian – Weight Watchers – NutriSystem – Cookie – Plant Based – Vegan – Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian – Kosher…

3 Rules to Eat By 

With a few exceptions, I don’t think so. 

Here are 3 simple rules that solve 95% of the confusion.

  1. Eat just enough food to sustain you from one meal to the next
  2. Eat foods with 3 ingredients or fewer
  3. Eat foods that don’t come in a box

Sample breakfast: eggs, blueberries, and oatmeal

Sample lunch: turkey, lettuce, tomato, peach, and almonds

Sample dinner: chicken, rice, broccoli, and carrots

I know it’s not always easy to access these kinds of meals while at work or on the road.  It might require a little extra prep time and some Tupperware.  Sorry. I said the rules were simple – not necessarily easy.

Unfortunately, eating has become a national obsession on so many levels. Its simplicity as a basic human need has been complicated by forces out of our control - culture, religion, self-esteem, geography, affordability, education, advertising, media, family, social norms, goals, medical conditions, technology, lifestyle, psychology, modeling, genetics, weather, environment, and economics.

What’s a person to do? At FitDeck, we’ve tried to answer the mail by creating “FitPlate” – a one-of-kind portion-control plate that is divided into three main food groups and contains suggested foods for each group right on the plate itself. If you are willing to ignore all the hype and marketing spin surrounding the latest diet-de-jour, then FitPlate may be for you. https://fitdeck.com/product/FitDeck-FitPlate

Best in health,

Phil Black (FitDeck Founder)

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