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How To Prep for an Obstacle Race

Posted by Phil Black on September 4th, 2014

How to Prep for an Obstacle Race

Obstacle Races are raging these days. With cool names like Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash and Zombie Run - it's no wonder people are curious. While each race has its own flavor (e.g. wall climbs, electrified wires, and fire pits), below is a plan to help you train for any obstacle race.

Most of these races include somewhere between 3-12 miles of running - interrupted by physical challenges. Since it's tough to simulate a greased incline wall or a low crawl under barbed wire in the middle of your town, the next best thing to do is to perform random bodyweight exercises during your standard training runs. Not before, not after, but during your run.Here's a plan:

  • Grab FitDeck Bodyweight and/or Combat Sports and a neoprene card holder
  • Shuffle cards and insert them into neoprene holder before you begin
  • Clip neoprene card holder to your shorts by its clasp
  • "Stop" periodically during your run - pull out a random card - perform the exercise - and continue
  • Suggestions for when to stop to perform a card
    • every time a new song comes on
    • every time you reach the top or bottom of a hill
    • make up your own triggers
  • Bingo! You just performed your first obstacle race

Watch this Obstacle Running video to see other ways to simulate an Obstacle Run in any park or outdoor space.

Phil Black

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