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FitDeck Blog with Founder Phil Black

Benefits of Circuit Training

Posted by Phil Black on October 18th, 2014

Circuit Training Workouts

There are plenty of programs that focus on circuit training workouts. These workouts promote changing exercises or movements often during the course of your overall workout.

Instead of heading over to the leg extension machine and plopping down for 10 minutes, you move from "station-to-station", engaging in all manner of exercises. These workouts can be as laid-back or amped up as you want. The principle is the same.

Benefits of Circuit Training Workouts

  1. Variety: a good circuit routine will incorporate unique styles and varieties of exercises that are often unrelated. This will not only keep your mind engaged, but your body will have to make adjustments as well.
  2. Enjoyment: a mixture of exercises, equipment, and intensities will make a circuit workout more fun. You don't have time to get bored doing the same exercise over and over (does 3 sets of 12 reps sound familiar?)
  3. Time-saving: with a well-designed circuit routine, moving quickly through each station can be very time-efficient as well. No time is wasted "standing around recovering" before your 5th set of biceps curls. You don't have to wait between circuit stations because every station is different and you're not exhausting any one muscle group (unless you planned it that way).
  4. Flexible: circuit training workouts can be all-equipment, no-equipment, or a combination. They might incorporate stretching, yoga, or high-intensity plyometrics. You can create a routine in almost any conditions or environment.
  5. Social: while circuit training is great to do alone, it also lends itself to social interaction. Ever see a bootcamp workout in the park where people are shuttling among stations? Doesn't it look fun? The pressure is reduced because everyone is busy trying to conquer their own station and not paying attention to Johnny struggling on the pull up bar. It also leads to fun "war stories" post-workout (How'd ya like the 60 seconds of burpees!$%&?).

Circuit Training Idea #1 (Back to the Basics):

FitDecks were made for "circuit training". FitDecks are both interoperable (meaning they can be mixed together) and modular (meaning they can be used separately as stand-alone decks).  We'll leave some of the more elaborate and involved FitDeck circuits for another day. I want to bring you a circuit training workout that you can do right this second.

Here's a simple way to create a No-Equipment Single-Station Circuit Workout in under 15 seconds.

Let's say you have nothing more than a FitDeck Bodyweight to work with. And you live by yourself in an apartment with only 10'x10' of open space. That's it. Okay, here we go:

Simply shuffle FitDeck Bodyweight and put it down on the ground in front of you. Commit to performing 12 cards with no rest in between. No really, no rest. Just flip the next card and keep going. That's the workout! Sound good. Okay, start flipping...

How is the FitDeck Bodyweight Circuit different?

  1. Easy setup: it takes almost no time to open your FitDeck, place it on the ground, and go.
  2. Exercises pre-loaded: you don't have to think about what exercises to do next. The shuffle of the cards figures it out for you.
  3. Serendipity: you have no clue what's coming next. Unlike other circuits where the WOD (Workout of the Day) is posted on a white board, a FitDeck circuit leaves you in the dark until you flip. That's what makes it even more fun - and challenging.
  4. No end in sight: the workout featured in the video only used 12 of 50 cards from 1 of 40 FitDecks. You could create workouts like this that would take years to get through without ever repeating a card.
  5. Max flex: you can create whatever type of workout you're in the mood for. Take it nice and slow with a Yoga and Pilates combo. Blow your legs up with FitDeck Plyometrics and Speed Ladder. Or get the juices flowing with Speed/Agility/Quickness and CrossTrain.

You don't have to own FitDeck Bodyweight to create a great circuit training workout. Come up with a bunch of your favorite exercises and mash them together into a circuit.

Best in health,

Phil Black (FitDeck Founder)

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