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FitDeck Blog with Founder Phil Black

Power of Micro-Decisions

Posted by Phil Black on January 12th, 2015

Topic #2: Little Things Add Up to Big Things

Every day we are faced with hundreds of micro-decisions - What time to get up in the morning? What to have for lunch? What to wear to work? What time to go to bed? etc.

While these decisions may seem insignificant compared to some of life's bigger decisions, they can impact your life in serious ways. Here's a specific example.

To Prep or Not to Prep? How often have you started to prep your morning workout clothes, lunch, and work materials for the next day - only to convince yourself that "you'll just do it in the morning." This is a split-second decision that you may not pay much attention to at the time. It seems like a little thing - but adds up to a big thing later on. Let's see how it plays out...

When your alarm clock goes off, how motivated are you to get up and start fumbling around in the dark trying to find your sneakers, towel, watch, extra socks, lunch, battery charger, etc.? Not very.

Knowing how stressful this will be will convince a lot of people to hit the snooze button, sleep an extra 40 minutes, skip their morning workout, and hope to "squeeze in a workout after work." Somehow, this sounds like a plausible plan at 6:01am. We all know how it turns out most of the time.

On the other hand, when the alarm clock goes off and your sneakers are staged and ready next to your bed, your bags are packed, your lunch is prepped, and your music player is locked and loaded - how different is your attitude? You know that you just have to get up, grab your stuff, and go! No fumbling around. You are mentally and physically ready for the day.

So, in a split-second, the decision to "prep or not to prep" has dramatically changed the trajectory of your day.

Day A: Confidently wake-up (well-rested), step into your shoes, slip out the door to a high-energy workout, a well-deserved shower and power breakfast.

Day B: After the 2nd snooze button, you rush around trying to find all your stuff, forget your running shorts, and scarf down a 1/2 bagel and a coffee in your rush to work. You never end up finding time for an afternoon workout.

How would your life change if 80% of your days were A Days? What is your % of A and B Days? What are your simple decisions that can help guide you to an A Day over a B Day?

What's the take-away? Philosophically, consider the long-term effects of small decisions in your life. If you're a "prepper" keep up the good work. If you're the B-Day type, challenge yourself to prep the night before and see if you can tell a difference.

Stay strong,

Phil Black (FitDeck Founder)



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